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Hi I'm Anthony, Gunnar Stohlberg's son. 

I was born on September 30th 1993.  I am 9 years old.  Two weeks ago I saw a friend do woodburning.  Since then I started to woodburn with an old soldering iron.  Everything I have woodburned so far I have varnished.  I am making a store where people can come for signs.  The store will be at my house.
Anthony's Signs
Prices: $1.00 per letter regular font unfinished pine.
        $1.50 per letter fancy font unfinished pine.
Add:    $ .25 per letter for stain.
         $ .50 per letter for five coat polyurethane.
        $ .25 per letter for cedar wood.
If you want to order a sign or contact me click on my email address below the special spring offer.  Bye
Special Spring offer!
the new item is a row marker people will put this in their garden to let them know which row is which they are :$1.50 a piece , $5.00 for 5 and $8.00 for 10


Note: This is now classic Tony history as  he is now in high school and no longer interested in wood burning signs.  You lost your chance at that one.

Last edited 04-13-10